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Partnership with leading pharmaceutical brands

We proudly present a wide range of products brought by renowned pharmaceutical brands that are synonymous with innovation, quality and reliability. Our range of brands includes pharmaceutical companies that are leaders in their respective therapeutic areas. Each brand in our dealership is carefully selected in order to provide our customers with quality products and meet their healthcare needs.

ACON Diabetes Care

A company focused on providing accurate, painless and simple blood sugar monitoring systems to diabetics worldwide.


Amitamin® manufactures nutraceuticals based on amino acids, vitamins and minerals and adds proven and effective herbs and plant extracts.

IBSA Institut Biochimique SA

IBSA has developed its own technologies that enable the improvement of available and widely used molecules and therapeutic solutions.

Koroglu Medical Devices Ltd

The company’s focus is on the production, distribution and marketing of In Vitro diagnostic medical devices in Turkey and around the world.


Nutricia, as a Danone brand, is a leading global company specializing in food products for medical and clinical nutrition.


Experienced in the production and development of pharmaceutical products such as the adamantane series, quinuclidine and nitrofuran.

Pella pharmaceuticals Co.

With the help of the highest quality raw materials, focuses its production on the production of topical medicines and cosmetic products.

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