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Pella Pharmaceuticals, based in Jordan, is a company that, with the help of the highest quality raw materials originating from certified sources, focuses its production on the creation of high-quality cosmetic products.

Pella Company Mission:

“We are committed to delivering innovative and effective medical and aesthetic products to healthcare professionals and their patients. We strive to be the leading distributor of generic, dermatological products in the region, but also to become recognizable within international markets.”



The company offers a wide range of products that protect, treat and keep the skin healthy. At Pella, we constantly research and develop new products with the help of the most modern technologies in order to provide our patients with innovative and effective solutions for dermatological problems.”

“At Pella, we continuously develop, test and produce new forms in order to meet the demand of our patients and healthcare workers. These processes take place in accordance with the best quality and safety standards.”

Aquax plus Foam

Aquax deo

Aquax repellent

Aquax cream

Aquax whitening

Sorafine cremogel

Sorafine foam

Cornex gel

Delice solution

Mostal solution

Spotex gel

Eramax mild gel

Derma Lightening Cream

Derma Hand Repair Cream

Derma Anti-Wrinkles Cream

Derma Lip Plumper Balm

Derma Under Eye Gel

Tacrus ointment

Florexa cream

Triderma cream

Aquax - H cream

Photoblock gel

Photoblock plus

Photoblock foam

Photoblock cream