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Koroglu Medical Devices

Koroglu Medical Devices Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of in vitro diagnostic medical devices, and the company’s country of origin is Turkey.

Koroglu Medical Devices is part of the Koroglu Group. As the company enters the medical device market, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and European directives are taken as the basic standards for production.

The company has the largest share in the domestic market, which is the Republic of Turkey. The main goal and strategy of the company are:


  • Continuous improvement;
  • Manufacturing innovative, user-friendly, user-friendly products;
  • Quality as an initial goal.

Also, Koroglu Medical Devices can be considered a new energy for the medical device market. The company will always try to bring the best quality at the cheapest prices for customers.

All glass, plastic, paper and other recyclable materials used in all production processes and for other purposes are sent to related companies for recycling for a cleaner environment.