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Pella Pharmaceuticals is a Jordanian company focused on producing high quality topical and cosmetic products, using the best quality raw material from reliable certified sources.

Pella's Mission:

„We are commited to deliver innovative and effective medical and aestetic products for healthcare professionals and their patients. We strive to be the leading generic dermatology pharmaceutical manufecturer in the region, and a force to be reckoned within the international markets.“


„At Pella we listen to your skin and offer a wide range of products to protect, treat and maintain a healthy skin.“

„We constantly research, explore and develop new products and access the latest technologies available to provide the pharaceuticals community with innovative and effective solutions to dermatological problems.“

„At Pella we are continually developing, testing and producing new forms and formulations to satisfy the needs and demands of patients and practitioners. These processes are conducted according to the highest standards of quality and safety.“