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„Apomedical d.o.o.“ sales team is made of professional staff who is dedicated to provide services in terms of giving medical informations about the products in our portfolio. Those services are supported with samples, educational materials for patients, as well as with online sources of informations.

With our worldwide network of suppliers, we are able to deliver any product, no matter of brand or generic.



„Our ability to find the resources is our strenght.“


Due to a daily update of our sales team regarding foreign regulations, standards and cultural preferences, our company has administrative capacity to process documentation and comply with legal obligations for worldwide import and export.

Our sales team remain on top in terms of pharmaceuticals supply chain and continuously have an influence on supply and distribution of big product capacities at competitive prices.

Also, through various types of sales and promotions, we enable savings for our customers and patients in order to maintain and develop mutual trust.

All this leads to the continuous success of the company, and makes our service fast and accurate from the initial order to the delivery.