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"Apomedical d.o.o." marketing activities are a set of elements (information) that are defined in order to achieve the ultimate goal, which is the professional and qualitative promotion of the given product.

We, in marketing department, are taking care about numerous customers – doctors, pharmacists, patients, medical institutions and insurances, wholesales, media, associations of doctors and pharmacists etc. So, our task is to recognize the needs of the listed customers, and promote products from our portfolio in a way that will create individual benefits for each targeted group.

This process involves the continuous research of all customers and markets.

Promotional campaign of our marketing team is consisted of different communicational methods. The most represented method is direct contact through our Medical representatives. This form of promotion allows good two-way communication between medical workers and our representatives. Also, it provides effective transmition of information to all medical workers in accordance with their needs and current interests.

„Good product and challenging competition require highly qualified medical representatives in order to make effective marketing efforts.“

Continuous monitoring of novelties in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as monitoring of market changes and behavior in line with new business flows, are an integral part of the marketing team's work.

Aim of all mentioned is to improve existing knowledge and achieve higher sales goals.

Apomedical team counts:

  • 3 qualified representatives
  • 2 commercial representatives
  •  Product manager
  • Sales manager
  • Head of department

Frequency of visits:

12 visits: doctors and pharmacists


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