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Of the 7 therapeutic areas in which IBSA specializes, the dermoesthetic area (produced and managed in Italy) offers a complete range of products including:

Viscoderm®, medical device for BIORESTRUCTURATION,

Viscoderm® Skinkò, medical device for BIOCOMPLEMENTATION,

Aliaxin®, medical device for DERMAL RESHAPING.


Mentioned products are based on  Hydrolift® Action.

Hydrolift® Action is an innovative and exclusive therapeutic approach, aimed at preventing and treating the physiological reduction of hyaluronic acid in the skin,restoring hydration, elasticity and skin tone.

Hydrolift® Action is an expression of the synergic action of the bio-regenerative and mechanical lifting of skin depressions by Hyaluronic Acid, thanks to the combined use of selected Hyaluronan of IBSA patented production, both natural and modified.

Viscoderm leaflet