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Visco-joint supplement


Pain and reduced mobility due to degenerative or traumatic changes in the joints.


Sinovial> buffered physiological solution of hyaluronic acid having high-viscosity properties

Sinovial> 0.8% sodium hyaluronate (sodium hyaluronic acid salt) obtained by biofermentation, high purity and molecular weight between 800 and 1200 kDaltons

Hyaluronic acid> an important component of normally preserved synovial fluid and plays a fundamental role in articular haemostasis


- contributes to lubrication of the joints (articulation)

- absorbs shock on the surface of the articular cartilage

- is a source of continuous regeneration of articular tissues

- combines anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of synovial fluid.



The sinovial should not be injected in the case of a venous or lymphatic path of the leg. In addition, Sinovial should never be applied in case of articular infection or severe inflammation, and even when the skin is damaged or infected at the injection site.