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Apomedical Ltd is a wholesale company established in 2005, which now holds a significant market share. Its core business is based on the wholesale of medicinal products, marketing of medical supplies and equipment as well as representation of foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Besid the core business, Apomedical Ltd provides services for Regulatory affairs, Marketing as well as support for Clinical Studies.


"Our vision is to be recognizable company, by the quality of products and services, in the BiH pharmaceutical market. We are accomplishing this by recognizing, fulfilling and exceeding expectations of the customers and needs of whole market."


Also, we will realize our vision:

1. By continuously applying and improving the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001,
2. By applying legal regulations and good rules of conduct,
3. By providing the necessary resources for the normal working process,
4. By providing professional development of employees and maintaining good working conditions,
5. Making better work results, finding work satisfaction and creating a better working atmosphere,
6. By continuously developing good business relationships, professionalism and mutual trust with customers and suppliers,
7. The concern for the preservation and protection of the environment and the realization of the interests of the society as a whole.