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Reproductive health: PERFECT COUPLE

Reproductive health: PERFECT COUPLE


Apomedical d.o.o. in cooperation with Medical Association of Unsko-sanski Canton, has organized expert lectures on the following topics:

  • „Antioxidants and male infertility/PROfertil® as a solution“ - Lecturer: Mr.sci.dr.med. Sabahudin Komić
  • "PROfertil® female suport in the primary line of fertility treatment  for woman“  - Lecturer: Prim.prof.dr.sc Sulejman Kendić, gynecologist
  • "Uroforte®brusnica - a natural ally in the treatment of urinary infections" - Lecturer: Mr.sc. Amel Kardašević, urologist


At the lectures, specialists in the field of gynecology, urology and family medicine were introduced to the benefits of PROfertil®, PROfertil® female and Uroforte®cranberry. They got all the necesasary information on how to apply the products to their patients.



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